Friday, 16 February 2018

Rockalily Cuts!

This year we have the absolute pleasure of having a fantastic prize donated by the one and only Rockalily cuts. If you’ve followed Rockalily cuts from the beginning the founder Ree Ree started of with an amazing lipstick line which to this day I still utterly miss as I finished my last lipstick a year or so ago now.

Since the lipstick loving days Ree Ree has gone on to run a very successful hair salon business in the heart of London.

Recently I had the chance to catch up and ask a few burning questions:

BB: When did you start Rockalily cuts and what made you decide to go in to the hair salon business? 

Ree Ree:  I opened the salon back in 2012, so our 6th birthday is just around the corner. I opened it off he back of my lipstick brand Rockalily Lipstick, when I decided I wanted to take my mini-brand further. It seemed like a natural progression, from beauty to hair. I'd no prior experience in either industry, but I made up for it with my enthusiasm I think!

BB: I know in the past you loved pin up, I remember following you on various social media and loving your style and hair, you always look amazing. What would you say your style is these days and do you think it has transformed over the years?

Ree Ree:  I've definitely transitioned a little, but I don't know many people who look the same year after year. My blog initially followed my daily outfits, as I discovered the confidence to dress 'alternatively' and bought a new rockabilly/vintage wardrobe. Over the years I've become a little more mainstream again, the jeans have returned, and my eye liner flicks and tattoos are often the only hints of rockabilly style in my look. I still dabble though, I'm just much more casual these days.

BB: What is your favourite client transformation in the salon? And do you have any pictures you can show us of it.

Ree Ree:  Oh gosh we have so many amazing transformations, from long to short, from black to rainbows, I'm really not sure I can pick one. 

BB: Do you ever miss your lipstick line and what made you decide to end production? Is there a possibility it will come back in the future?

Ree Ree:  My mother certainly still misses it, and she's still using up some of her old stock! I'm told the same by customers on twitter which is really sweet. It was a great quality lipstick that has proved hard to replace it seems. I wanted a different working day, and I wanted to create something bigger than the lipstick could ever be. So it was time to move on.

BB: Top Tip? This can be a life tip, a style tip or a hair tip or anything in between 

Ree Ree: 

1. If you want to run a business take more time reflecting on what people want to buy, rather than what you want to make/sell. 

2. Life really is too short not to dress in a way that makes you feel great. Honestly, no one will look at you and think, "How dare she think she's worthy of dressing up?" (Maybe that was just my fear!!)

3. Invest time and love in your friends as much as you can. 

BB: Also a sneaky little one for our readers, I remember a while ago you spoke about having a celebration event for Rockalily to celebrate it is this something that is still on the cards? 

Ree Ree:  I really hope so! I can't believe that was April 2017, but yes I'd love to do a birthday event when we turn 6. Just got to get the right idea nailed!

I just wanted to say thank you to Ree Ree and all of the team at Rockalily cuts for taking the time to answer our questions and of course for the prize donation.

All Images from Rockalily's Instagram account 

If you would like to go for a cut, colour or style please go to:

Friday, 9 February 2018

Vegas or Bust! with Diablo Rose

Image by Diablo Rose 

Our favorite Le Keux cutie, boss ladies sister and all round master of hair and make up across the Le Keux stores gave us the pleasure of having a little interview with her, ahead of her trip to Viva Las Vegas (can you say jealous much!) where she will be competing in the Viva Las Vegas Pin Up Pageant, she 100% has our vote! 

For those of you who don't know, VLV is one of the BIGGEST pin up / vintage / rockabilly weekenders around. Held in it's namesake Sin City itself, us belles can only but dream of one day getting to attend this weekend which would be a once in a life time, dream come true. 

Diablo Rose hit the pin up scene with a bath bomb explosion of signature pink locks that always look quaffed to perfection in so many innovative and delicate styles. She was the leader of the original Le Keux Girls, gracing many covers such as chap magazine and since has recently launched her own line of incredible bold print tees.

So without further a do read on to see what Diablo had to tell us about the pin up comp, her t-shirt line and more....

  1. What made you decide to enter this years VLV pin up comp?
    I think this year I finally decided to stop putting things off, believe in myself, and just go after the things I really want to do! I've dreamt about entering Miss Viva Las Vegas for years, I've even written my application a few times but never actually applied because of self doubt and all those other things which sometimes cloud our thoughts. But when I finally clicked 'enter' for this years competition it was the most amazing feeling of accomplishment, and that alone was a huge boost for me. Getting to the finals and actually being able to realise this dream of mine is going to be life changing and I'm so glad I finally took the plunge. Sometimes it takes a little time to build ourselves up to things, but I can tell you, it's completely worth the wait.
  2. Have you entered a pin up competition before? 
    This will be my first pin up pageant and to say I'm nervous would be an understatement but I'm actually incredibly excited and ready to take on this new experience! I've been chatting with the other entries and finalists online for a few months now and they are all so lovely and supportive, so I just know it's going to be an incredibly uplifting and empowering experience.

  3. What would your all time perfect outfit be to wear at the competition, if money and reality weren't an issue? 
    Photo Credit: My Boudoir H&MU Diablo Rose 
    Ooooh that's a good one, I think if I could combine pastels, tulle, sparkles, bows, a hint of vintage Dior couture, a little Disney inspiration and maybe even some florals in a way that didn't look like a crazy Easter egg that would be amazing. Or maybe I just embrace the Easter egg look and go with it, because if it makes you feel good and happy then do it!!

  4. What are you most excited about? 
    I'm most excited about just trying to take in as much of the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend as I possibly can. Vegas is my favourite place in the world and to visit with thousands of like-minding vintage and pinup lovers is going to amazing. I can't wait to meet everyone, swoon over hair and makeup, dance, shop, maybe even get a new tattoo! I'm also so excited to be going with one of my favourite people in the world, my pal Lisa, we're going on a proper girls trip and I am SO excited to share all of this with her because she's amazing!

  5. And now a little hair and make up question, if you could style anyone's hair or make up who would it be and why? 
    Oh goodness, there's so many stars who I admire, style wise! There's obviously Marilyn Monroe and Dita Von Teese, but I also love those modern twists, like Gwen Stefani. She combines a classic pin up look but gives it an edge and I've always really loved that. But honestly, I LOVE styling my regular customers, being able to understand their own ideal of what makes them feel beautiful in their own skin, then adding a little pin up style to it makes me so happy. When I finish up a hair and makeup appointment and my customer can look in the mirror and tell herself that she looks pretty just makes my day, because really it's those real moments of self confidence which matter the most when I think about what I do for a living.
  6. Also would you consider doing a hair and make up course tour? be it European or international? 
    Absolutely! I would love to travel more, and I'm really hoping to be able to get out and about and do more teaching in 2018, we're working on a few new things and plans at the moment so keep an eye out on my pages!

Photo credit:  Frankie and Gerrys Retro Photo Studio H&MU by Diablo Rose 

Thank you ever so much Diablo for taking the time to chat with us and we will be sure to do a follow up after the big VLV Pageant! EEEEEK! we're all behind you!!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

What Katie Did - Nutmeg Stockings

Ladies the wait is over!

Not long ago the team at What Katie Did announced they were experimenting with nylons to find a shade we women of colour have been craving...

Behold the glory that is Nutmeg!

Nutmeg/Black Seam on the gorgeous Velvet Jones

They're available in the usual black and nude seam, PLUS glamour seams! On the website there are Claret, Green, Nude and Black seams available - shop here.

We know it's difficult to establish if a shade will work for you from a screen, so we've got a hold of the stockings to show you what they would look like on me and Eva, plus we're not forgetting that WKD has a coffee shade available and the lovely Elora is wearing those for us also.

Wearing the Nutmeg/Green Stockings
also ft. my dress from Gingermegs Vintage and coat from a local charity shop

Wearing as above on left and Nutmeg/Claret Stockings on right
also ft. rayon jersey dress as a top and skirt from The Walk in Wardrobe

Wearing the Nutmeg/Claret Stockings
also ft. Office brogues and skirt as above

Wearing the Nutmeg Glamour Stockings
also ft. suit via Etsy, deadstock berry broochHammersmmith Vintage Fair and Miss L Fire Heels

Elora wearing Coffee Seamless Stockings Eva wearing Nutmeg/Black Stockings
also ft. Miss L Fire

The Verdict

We are beyond happy with the mid-tone brown that means we can now wear nude stockings from one of our favourite brands!

The welt is fantastic quality as are the toe and heel reinforcements, which should ensure endurance if you continue to stick to the usual care routine for stockings (see them here).

We can't wait for the team at WKD to give us more glamour seams in this glorious new nutmeg shade. Keep an eye on our instagram to see more photos of the stockings and any updates on collections; feel free to pop us a comment on here or a DM in instagram if you have anymore questions about the stockings or want to share your verdict.

Until next time,

The VG xXx

Saturday, 4 November 2017

There's nothing Mental about Mental Health

In recent days there has been a lot of buzz around Mental Health and of course the importance of it.

Really it's about looking after yourself and putting yourself first. Which can sometimes be difficult as it's viewed as selfish, but you must throw away that stigma because to function and be able to help others you first need to make sure you are caring for yourself.

Mental Health affects so many people in the Pin Up / Rockabilly and vintage scene. I can't count how many people I have spoken to over the years who all suffer from mental health issue in one form or another. The most common I have found to be is anxiety.

The marvelous Chereeka better known as @cacaopapow on Instagram at our latest event (The Pin Up Picnic in the Park / bar) back in July staged a little Gillian Wearing inspired project for her blog. She bought along a whiteboard and markers (showing the true teacher inside of her) and approached lovely ladies (and I'm sure some gents) at our event to ask about anxiety.
She also has a wonderful post (HERE) that has ways to cope with anxiety and where to seek help. It's a great read and really really informative. 

Mental Health concerning the BB's 


I have suffered with mental health issues for many, many years.
From anxiety (which I always find amusing as I run the events we hold and have so many people attend) to really low lows of depression. 

I also have boughts of loneliness - this is something we posted about the other day on our facebook to do with the elderly and as one of our lovely followers pointed out you don't have to be elderly to be lonely.

I feel very lucky to have a wonderful family and a few very close friends but sadly we all moved around the country and it's difficult to see each other now.

When we originally set up the BB's I felt elated, it was so nice to have a group of friends who enjoyed the same scene, clothes, music as myself. Who talked in a group chat on a daily basis and ladies to meet up with for a weekend or just for a drink or lunch.
Sadly when the group broke up due to other commitments, ladies changing their style and mind about the scene this all went with it. It was very unfortunate and also caused me to have quite a few lows. 

I believe a lot of the time you can not tell who is suffering with an invisible illness, loneliness, anxiety and depression can be destructive to anyone and it is easy to blame yourself. 

The best advise I have is to focus on the positive, try to put yourself out there and try new things.

Since moving in to my first house with my partner I've started dance lessons, it's only once a week but it gets me out, gets me learning something new and most of all I get to meet new people. This has been a really big deal for me and after those two hours of dancing I feel wonderful. I sometimes have to force myself to go and it can get close to 8pm and I think, no I don't want to talk to strangers or just feel awkward but when I manage to get he courage up to force myself to go by the end I feel silly for working myself up. 

I've also signed up to befriend an old person, you can do this in your spare time when it suits you through Age Concern. I have dedicated myself to once a fortnight currently to see how it goes. This can be a home visit or call just to make someone feel less alone and to give them something to look forward to.

If you would like information on this please let us know. 

And remember:

You are good enough

Don't feel bad for having a bad day, a bad week or a bad month it happens to the best of us 

Never feel alone in this


I suffer from severe anxiety and I have done so for about two years now. I've always been a bit of a worrier, but it really kicked off about two years ago when I went to uni. I find it difficult to adjust to change, which I know is inevitable, but it was such a big change I just couldn't cope.

I have periods of depression as well, as I know many of you also do. Not 'Oh, I'm having a bad day', but 'I'm so inexplicably sad I can't even function'.

I've also been diagnosed with bulimia, which initially started as a way to relieve the anxiety (it made sense to me!). I didn't think it was that bad - I'm slim, but I'm not underweight so there's nothing wrong, right? It was my mum who helped me to see that I had a problem - you don't have to be a certain size or age to have an eating disorder. I looked fine, but I really wasn't.

Acknowledging that you have a problem and asking for help is a big deal, but it's so important. Never underestimate how powerful even just having someone to talk to can be.

I'm not saying it's easy to get help and I'm not saying that, when you get it, recovery is easy. It's not, as I'm sure so many of you will know. I still have so far to go, but I've come so far from where I was.

Appreciate the people you have in your life. Doing things for others, spending time with the people you love and being there for those who need you brings happiness to both you and them. The support of friends, family and my faith have been so important along my path of recovery and I'm so grateful for them.

And appreciate yourself as well! Do more of what you love and take care of yourself. I enjoy a variety of things: modelling; coffee with friends; bubblebaths; family holidays; attempting to dance ... just give things a go and do what makes yourself and others happy. You are strong for your perseverance and you've already come such a long way, so keep going!

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