Monday, 1 December 2014

Pin Up Problems

We all have them. There's always going to be a morning where we look at our slightly lack lustre pincurls or chipped red manicure and think to ourselves- WWDDD? (What would Diana Dors do, of course...)
Now, in most cases, Diana would have probably dropped everything and had a wild sex party. Seeing as that isn't really on the cards for most of us Belles, we must turn the situation around and make the most of it.

Here is a list of our top 5 Pin Up Problems, and how they can easily be solved.

  1. A wet set that is still damp in the morning. Sob.

    So you won't have your curled coiff that day. So what? Quickly blow dry the damp parts and utilise the majority of the wave left over to sculpt into fabulous victory rolls! Solved!

  2. The silicone on my favourite pair hold-ups is wearing out, and I'm risking the Nora Batty look with every step I take.

    Easy. Just slip on your sexiest suspender belt and clip on as if they were a normal pair of stockings! Nora Batty ankles will be a thing of the past.

  3. My eyebrow pencil has run out and I am looking reminiscent of a naked mole rat.

    Fear not our vintage vixen, a touch of matte eyeshadow from a neutrals palette will solve all of your woes and you will be a mole rat no longer. If you don't have a brush thin enough, a simple cotton bud will do for the time being.

  4. Red lipstick is essential to my fabulous vintage style, but is reduced to a cracked and faded ketchup smudge not even after my second bite of my Greggs tuna crunch baguette.

    Alas, a problem most of us have faced. Take note from our very own Miss Amy May in this situation, and spend just a minute longer on your lip routine that morning by blotting and using a small dab of translucent powder before your final coat of lip lacquer. You'll have the perfect pout way past your hot choc from Costa in the evening.

  5. Now, I know that I'm no good at the perfect eyeliner flick, but even when I try my hardest, my cat eyes just go back to black smudges on my eyelids and I look like I should go to makeup rehab... and I look a bit like Amy Winehouse.

    The beauty of the perfect Dita eyeliner flick is a contradiction of itself. It is not perfect. It is asymmetrical and a little bit wonky but that is the charm of it. If you were able to perfect a symmetrical set of cat eyes in one go, I would probably send you to get checked out. However, if you genuinely worry about one side being a bit longer or thicker than the other, either take a few deep breaths, wipe it off and start again, or pick up a handy pack of stick on eyeliner from your local Superdrug. Cheating, but at least when your tears dry on their own, you won't have streaks down your face. (I'll stop with the Winehouse puns now.)

And there you have it. Five pin up problems that could happen on a day to day basis, and a way to fix them.

What are your pin up problems? Do you have any fantastic remedies that aren't listed here? Make sure to let us know on our instagram @thebritishbelles or in the comments below!

Love and smudge proof kisses,


  1. How to stop/prevent a circle skirt/dress blowing up in this British weather! Haha x

  2. The dreaded hair frizz - usually brought under control by a quick slick of Swarzkopf Got2B Rise and Shine, a delicate mousse with a strong staying power to eliminate pincurl frizz


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