Sunday, 14 December 2014

The 12 Days of Christmas - Miss Amy May

I'm Amy, more specifically Miss Amy May. I'm addicted to Instagram, where I post outfit pictures way too often, and I run my own blog, Miss Amy May. Sometimes I make sparkly hair things. Amongst my Bombshells I'm known varyingly as their mother hen, Fairy PUG mother, and wifey to fellow Bombshell Sophie, who won me over before we even met by indulging my lifelong love of cows. I grew up on a dairy farm, love my self-made red bedazzled sparkly heels maybe too much, and double petticoat all the damn time.

One of my Instagram outfit posts. Pinup Girl Clothing of course
If there were ever a such thing as owning 'too much' Pinup Girl Clothing that might apply to me, except clearly that concept is laughable. As such, it does mean I have a fairly decent knowledge of PUG sizing, ordering and the UK customer experience, so I'm pretty handy at advising PUG newbies should any of y'all need such help.

Some of my favourite things include Bourjois Paris Velvet Matte lip creams, invisi-band wispies false lashes, putting on pj pants as soon as I get home, singing all the damn time, and eating. A lot of eating. Food and I are friends. Don't try to come between us.

I began my pinup transformation in early 2013 when I began to experiment with pincurls after an encounter with a pair of straighteners that left my naturally curly hair wrecked. I ditched heat styling and began to embrace my lifelong secret passion for 50s glamour and elegance, working my way into the style from my hair down. Becoming a pinup has been the most transforming, rewarding and joyous experience of my life. It's made me such a happy woman who is more confident and more complete, and it's made me some incredible friends all over the world.

Feeling Christmassy and attracting passing pups!
You should also know that I love Christmas. Super love Christmas. By mid October I'm typically beginning to get 'the feeling,' and usually try to temper it until Halloween is over. After that, it's Christmas playlists on my iPod, writing endless Christmas present ideas lists trying to get organised for my massive family, and any excuse to eat Stollen and don a festive hat or two. When I found reindeer antler hair clips in Primark recently I legitimately told anyone that would listen for the next 3 days how excited I was about them.

My Christmas wishlist involves a lot of clothing this year, as has become the custom for every gift-giving holiday in my life, because I'm a dress fiend. I'd love the Lindybop Tina dress, the Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny skirt in Dancing Horses print, and a pair of B.A.I.T Idas would make me very happy. A lucite handbag would make me gasp. Mostly, though, I just like how big and noisy and happy it is when my entire family is gathered round the tree giving one another gifts. That's my favourite part of Christmas. The gathering.

My beloved red bedazzled heels
Since it's a frosty time of year that will certainly be requiring you to whip out your best seamed stockings and tights, here are my tips for avoiding runs and snags in your precious seamed goodies:
- An obvious one, but keep your nails filed and free of snags so they don't catch your nylons.
- Wear stocking gloves. A simple pair of latex (or latex free) disposable gloves will help stop you from snagging as you pull on your stockings or tights.
- Once on, spray your stockings with a coat of hairspray.
- Always hand wash your stockings and tights.
- Carry clear nail polish in your purse in case the worst happens. Your average pinup skirt or dress is long enough that it will cover run that happen from knee-area up, so it's important you seal off the snag before it has a chance to spread and ruin your stockings for good. 

Hope that helps! As you can tell I am a very merry pinup, but I'm also thrilled to be a part of our little vintage girl gang and I love my fellow Bombshells. I'm so excited to be sharing the glory of such lovely ladies with you.

Until next time, much love,
Miss Amy May

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