Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Why a short skirt does NOT determine your worth. A PSA by The British Belles.

It's not a shocker when we say that a fair amount of snobbery goes on in the vintage community. Whether someone is being called out for wearing repro, or not being 'authentic' enough because they use social media (come on, we saw you insta your veggie katsu curry from wagas last week), it happens, and it happens a lot. However; the scene is called 'vintage' for a reason. It is old. The world has moved on from these days and we are the ones that have gone out of our way to bring it back. By all means, wear the gorgeous clothes, the pristine deadstock, listen to the music, imitate the style... But please, just leave the mindset behind.

Recent events whether taken out of context or not have made us feel compelled to write about this situation, in where decades of progression for women can be torn apart in a few silly comments. Us and our ancestors fought tooth and nail to get to where we stand as women today, with the right to vote, the right to work, the right to be independent and the right to wear what we want. So what, not all girls want to flounce around in a shin length tea dress and pincurls. Some girls like to wear short skirts and low cut tops. That is their decision, and as modern day females we exercise our right to be able to make these decisions. A style of dress does not determine femininity or how much respect we should be given. Respect should be given regardless of whether you're in a bikini or a pair of tracksuit bottoms. All it truly comes down to is the person who is doing the judging, and anyone with a sane, open minded head on their shoulders will know that a woman's worth is NOT based on how she presents herself.

This leads us on to possibly the most problematic part of the whole conundrum; the way someone chooses to dress being blamed for an attack whether physical or otherwise. Please, if you agree with that sentiment, just know that we will not be afraid to tell you that you are wholly and entirely WRONG and our respect for you, no matter who you are, has all but vanished. It does not take a genius to know that yes, attacks can take place on people who wear what is deemed as 'provocative' clothing. But how can you use that as the excuse when it also happens on a daily basis to women who are fully clothed, men, children. It is the sick and twisted mind of an attacker who is solely to blame for attacks of any kind, to any kind. Victim blaming is wrong. End of story.

So, this is a plea from us to you. Please do not let us fall back in to the dark ages. We are proud, strong feminists and as women we should support each other, not push one another down for our personal choices. We have a right to express ourselves in the ways we and we only see fit, like wearing vintage or going out in a short skirt, and that right is only dampened when prolific figures in today's media are shamed for their personal expressions. By having this view you are letting it happen. Enabling it.

And if by any means you think women were respected more in the 1940s because of the way they dressed? I'd like to see you try and live through it with that thought in mind.

Go forth and wear whatever the hell you want. We love you for it.

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