Saturday, 21 March 2015

Outfit of the Day the Snow White Way!

Hello lovelies! It's Miss Amy May here and since it's been a little while since I've blogged here at Belles headquarters I thought I'd bring you something fun. 

Disneybounder and blogger Damfino 
I'm sure many of you are aware of Disneybounding, the practise of creating an outfit inspired by a Disney character to wear to one of the Disney parks on your fun Disney visit. I see adorable pinups creating amazing Disneybounding pinup outfits all the time on Instagram, my favourite being Disneybounding extraordinaire Damfino, whose Instagram account you should definitely check out as well as her blog

Miss Victory Violet
I saw several of Damfino's Snow White inspired Disneybounds a while back, along with Miss Victory Violet's awesome Snow White inspired costume too, in which she used her regular pinup wardrobe to create the look. Despite living nowhere near a Disney park in order to enjoy my own Disneybound, I've been wanting to create my own Snow White inspired pinup outfit for a while now. In place of a Disney park I chose the next best thing--a day in London with one of my fave pinup friends, Instagrammer and chic little cutie, @M.Loisel.

On this same trip Giselle and I got to spend a wonderful afternoon with my fellow Belle Sophie, my beautiful BB wifey who I always wish lived nearer so we could regularly meet up for burgers and Harry Potter marathons. It was on my second day in town though, sans wifey babe Soph, that I went Snow White on London town. 

Choosing to make the Pinup Girl Clothing Harley dress in yellow the basis of my outfit meant I only had to add red and navy blue pops to recreate the basic colour palette of the outfit. My hair happened to be feeling a little lacklustre that day in terms of salvaging my day-before pincurls without the convenience of having access to all of my own hair products and doo-dads at home. So, I pinned my curls into a faux bob and added a red orchid hair clip I had made a couple days before in anticipation of this second-day-of-the-trip hair situation, adding a pinup pop of red to the hair rather than a red headband as Snow herself knows how to rock. 

My cardigan was a cropped one I bought from New Look many years ago and my belt is from Pinup Girl Clothing. Finally, I added some sparkle with my red crystal ballet flats, a pair of £4 Primark pumps I hand bedazzled myself with a few thousand dark red flat back crystals. (I bedazzle things all the time, and maaay be slightly addicted, so if you're interested in reading a How To on bedazzling to begin creating your own sparkly, sparkly accessories then you can read this beginner's guide I wrote over on my own personal blog.)

Despite the fact that my outfit is still very different from the real iconic Snow White outfit I still found that almost everyone told me 'You look like Snow White!' when they saw me. It seems fair enough to chalk that up to a win, I'd say.

Love from the Dwarves and I, 

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