Monday, 25 May 2015

Fashion Inspiration: Frenchy from Grease! (or "How to look like a Beautiful Blonde Pineapple")

Hey Belles! Sophie (@missfifivonfosse) here.

While many young girls in the 90s aspired to be Britney Spears or Baby Spice, there was one girl who wanted nothing more than to be a pink haired, roller wearing, bubblegum chewing, beauty-school-dropper-outer.

That girl (you will be shocked to hear) was me. Yes, I was am a Frenchy wannabe.

Now that I'm in my 20s and have tried every pink dye and foam roller out there, I am going to share with you my definitive guide to everything Frenchy.

Along with the staple Pink Ladies jacket (which we all should own, imo) Frenchy wears lots of pastels. From the peach Blouse and Skirt ensemble on the first day back at school, to the Beauty School Dropout pink dress to that pale yellow layered prom dress, her wardrobe truly is enviable.

I can't promise you exact replicas, but here are some pieces to help you create a look a-la-French.

Summer Lovin'

Beauty School Dropout


National Bandstand


An Honourable Mention...

How could I write a post about Frenchy without mentioning the brooch that everyone is talking about at the moment?! Unfortunately, Atomic Mingo's 'Beauty School Drop Out' brooch is out of stock at the moment, bust rest assured it will be back soon.

Now, go forth and find yourself a Diner (I'd recommend Bobby-Jos in Southend-on-Sea and JBs in Brighton), a gang of sassy ladies, a pack of Hubba Bubba and voila! You are practically Doody's gal.

Have fun, Frenchettes!!!

Lots of love,
on behalf of The British Belles


  1. Great post, I love Frenchie! I can't wait till those broaches are back in stock, so cute!

    Kariss x

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