Monday, 29 June 2015

The Pin Up Picnic in the Park

Well ladies and gents what can we say, we were utterly stunned at how many of you gorgeous peaches turned up to our little gathering in Hyde Park on Saturday.

Everyone had made such an incredible effort we we're totally overwhelemed so we must appologise if we didn't get around everyone to say hello. Like quite a few people who came we are a little shy, but we so badly wanted to give everyone the opportunity to meet each other and have a fun day.

The idea for our picnic came around because we have been meeting as the Belles since last November.
 We met each other through various social media platforms and due to the fact [most] of us Belles don't have like minded friends who also enjoy the pin up style, we decided to make a group for ourselves. Thus became The British Belles.
The ten of us chat daily, which is lovely to have someone always there to help you choose between PUG dresses and what codes are currently valid at all our favorite online reproduction stores.
However this did throw up the issue of, what about everyone else?
I mean if we didn;t have like minded friends, there must be other people out there who are also alone in their pin up fascination and addiction.... that's how the idea for a mass picnic was formed.

Thanks to Sophie who decided to make it a charity event we managed to raise [with the help of all of you of course and our fab donators] £1000 for MacMillan charity.
It was so lovely to meet so many people, ladies who had come alone because they wanted to be there and share in the day, groups of friends, well known instagram ladies we all lust over [especially their hair and closet of course] and families too. We just hope you enjoyed it as much as we did?

I was so pleased to see Sian, a lady I had met on a train back from Brighton and just got chatting too. She is new in to the scene but loves the look but wasn't sure where to start, I told her about the picnic and to come along and she did! Smoph said it was the best story she'd heard when Sian told her she came because she met me on a train.

Remember to check out the #pinuppicnic hashtag on Instagram to see everyones photos of the day!

With how well the picnic went we are planning and have in the works a winter ball so we hope to see you all and more there! it will be in Brighton at the beginning of November. We will be sure to give you all the info ahead of time so people can book trains / hotels and time off work, also enough time to buddy up with like minded pin ups to share the cost of all of the above.

Goodbye from the Belles for now!

Credit to: Pyramid Clicks [for some of the images used in this blogpost]

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  1. OOO a winter ball, I am excited already!

    Kariss x


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