Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Very British Christmas Gift Guide - What to buy someone who has everything...

You know the type. Someone who smiles politely when they unwrap their second jumper, fifth pair of socks, tenth Thorntons selection box, mutters another somewhat forced "Thank you..." and chucks it on the pile with the rest. It's an age old question. 

What do you get the person who has everything?

Well ponder no longer, because Highland Titles are here to answer.
We could definitely see ourselves relaxing in this absolute picture of tranquility!
What would be more thrilling to peel back the same old tacky red wrapping paper, expecting yet another Peter Andre calendar to find you have been made a Lord or a Lady? A Lord or Lady who now owns their very own plot of land on the Glencoe or Lochaber Estate in bonny Scotland.

Now they have everything.

With packages starting from £29.99 for a Square foot plot of land, it couldn't be simpler. All gift packs include as standard a presentation folder, a personalised certificate, a land owners handbook and a Plot ID card. With larger plots of land however, the giftee will also receive a DVD, a presentation box and stationary templates, so they can send everyone letters explaining that they are now basically royalty.

"So I am now a Lady! But what do I do with my land?!" I hear you ask. 

Size and some rules permitting, you can do quite a lot! Popular options are planting trees, pitching up a tent and camping, and having a lovely lakeside picnic. Maybe throw in a cheeky bit of bird watching while you're there. Go on, be a rebel!

Now, us Belles are a bit like Mary Portas when it comes to buying British. Maybe it's the sense of pride that comes with it. The knowledge that you are in some way, shape or form giving back to our land of hope and glory. With Highland Titles, that is exactly what you are doing. The land is based on a nature reserve, and by purchasing a plot you are actually doing your part in conserving Scotland one square foot at a time, helping to preserve and encourage protection of Wildlife in the area. You're practically David Attenborough! 

You could do your part in protecting this majestic creature!
All in all, we can't think of anyone who wouldn't be over the moon receiving this as a gift, let alone someone who has everything. Be it your Dad, your Sister, or your Uncle who lives in Malta that only visits at Christmas and always seems to have a new Girlfriend. It is a fantastic all rounder, and will definitely get you remembered for next Christmas!

Visit the Highland Titles website here to safely and securely purchase probably the greatest gift you will buy this Christmas, and here to find out a little bit more about the company and what they do.

All photos courtesy of Highland Titles.

by Sophie Short on behalf of

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  1. what a wonderful idea , as a lord of glencoe myself , i highly recommend it , i was thrilled when i got got my gift pack , and its a great dinner table conversation starter !


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