Thursday, 4 December 2014

Interview with Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

Hello Belles! Today's post is the first of what is to become a recurring feature for the blog- Interviews! To be more specific, interviews with people or companies who are prominent and influential in the modern vintage scene.

First up is British Blogger and internet personality Georgina Horne, the mind and body behind Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, the UK plus-size fashion and lingerie blog. We love the beautiful George for her no-nonsense attitude towards body snark, her witty sense of humour, her absolutely mouth watering food posts and of course for her envy-inducing wardrobe!
George in the 'Estella' dress that she helped design for Lady V London

Our very own Fifi Von Fosse had a chat with Georgina about all things Belle!

Hi George! Thank you for chatting with us! The British Belles love your quirky mid century-meets-modern style. Who or what inspired you to start dressing vintage?

Ooh thanks! I started loving the retro look after a frustrated shopping trip had me googling 'plus size leopard print dresses' and up popped Pinup Girl Clothing. I made the Micheline dress mine, and after it arrived and I picked myself off the floor at how well it fit me, I started to explore more PUG styles and then other vintage repro brands such as Collectif and Lady V London. I don't dress or live the vintage life 24/7 but generally I prefer that style as the clothes seem to be cut for a shake like mine.

We do love a bit of PUG here too! We've seen you model for and collaborate with British brands Collectif and Lady V London and it all looks fabulous on you! Speaking of Lady V, can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the Estella dress you helped design?

With the Estella I wanted to make a dress that ticked as many boxes as possible in terms of what I, a plus size woman wanted in a dress. Larger sleeves, a hint of boob and skimming the knees - perfect!

We agree, it is indeed perfect! We love having a little browse through the #FFFBEstella tag on instagram and seeing all the gorgeous ladies flaunting your creation! Do you have any words of FFFB wisdom for those girls and guys out there who are just beginning their vintage style journey?

I guess my advice would be to not take things too seriously or try too hard to be like someone else. Dress in things that make you feel wonderful and confident x

Being the queen of Lingerie that you are, what would you suggest as a brand that has that coveted 'vintage touch' to it?

I would say that Gossard are amazing at vintage inspired styles, as are Fraulein Annie. Of course, you can't beat a bit of What Katie Did!

Ooh we are WKD fiends here at BB HQ! And finally, a silly yet equally as important question:
Swing or Wiggle?!

Always Wiggle! I'm always scared of an errant gust of wind when I swing!

Thank you George, you have been an absolute gem! We're proud to call you our honorary British Belle!

You can follow George on her blog, her twitter and her instagram!

What questions would you have liked to ask Georgina? Let us know in the comments!

Love and kisses,

by Miss Fifi Von Fosse

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