Monday, 22 December 2014

The 12 Day's Of Christmas - Atomic Amber

Aloha Peaches!
 My name is Amber Rose and I am a lipstick-loving tea-drinking part time blogger/full time cafe worker (yaaawn!) with a lust for lurex and bargains! My real passion naturally lies in my blog which is - I write about all things Pin Up, including lifestyle and fashion with the occasional hair tutorial! The aim of my blog is mainly to show your everyday girl that you don't need to spend £££+ to achieve that perfectly polished Pin Up style! I live by the seaside in East Sussex with my lovely boyfriend Patrick and my miniature Jack Russell - Django. 
I have loved vintage for around 5ish years but leaned more towards mid-century about two years ago and I have never looked back since. To be honest, I can't actually remember why I decided to switch eras but I do remember the first day I wanted to! It was when I was meeting my Dad and I just had the desire to try bumper bangs. I instantly fell in love. I will hunt down the selfie I took from before I went out for dinner that night!

No laughing! This was exactly 96 weeks ago! And the Instragram caption was 'I want to be a Pin Up!'

There are many reasons why I adore Pin Up style... The sense of community, how feminine it is and the fact that it's a style for everyone, no matter what size/race/age you are. It looks just a good on a size 18 20 year old as it does on a size 8 45 year old! I also like the fact there aren't any solid rules here. Just wear what you like and OWN it! I do think you naturally become more confident as soon as you start embracing the vintage style because let's face it you can't be a wallflower in a killer wiggle dress and a bright red lip!
My most vintage idols are Diana Dors (Of course!), Jayne Mansfield and Betty Grable. My modern day icons are Micheline Pitt, Doris Mayday, Tina De Vere, Vintage Vandalizm and WitchyBabyPinup. If you want some fabulous hair inspiration then my top two are Diablo Rose and His Vintage Touch - who are both firm Bombshell favourites!
For Christmas I'd really love Santa (or my lovely boyfriend ;D!!!!!) to bring me a mesh waspie corset from Orchard Corset, some gorgeous sparkly's from Bow And Crossbones, Hug Me Baby Jeans from Lady K Loves and some B.A.I.T shoes. Not asking for much, right? Hahah! I have done a blog post with my full Christmas List ( and if you're stuck for ideas, I have also done a couple of gift guides over on Atomic Amber too!

Find me:
Instagram - @AmberRoseTheron 
Facebook - Atomic Amber
Thanks so much for reading my little peaches! I hope you got to know Moi a little bit more ;)
All my love, hugs and mistletoe kisses,
Amber Rose, xo

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