Friday, 2 January 2015

Ask the British Belles - #1

Hello beauties!

A few days ago, we asked our followers on Instagram to ask us questions for our new weekly feature, Ask the British Belles (#asktheBBs!)

@miss_emma_jane asks: What eyeliners you all use to get the perfect flicks? Gel/liquid?

Amy: I use the elf liquid liner. Cheap, stays put and has an actual brush rather than felt applicator, 
Miss Von Vamp: I think me and Katie P use the same collection 2000 Fast Stroke eyeliner. 
Amber: Me too! The fast stroke liquid one. 
Alice: I use collection too, but the gel liner in a pot. For precision I like to use Soap and Glory cat liner too. 
Fifi: I use 2 true effortless liquid liner from Superdrug. The best thing I've ever used and at £1.99 it's a steal.

@missdelly asks: I can never do an eyeliner flick due to overhanging eyelid. Any tips?

Olive : I think the trick with eyeliner on hooded eyelids is just to do a little at a time and to keep checking what it looks like at each angle when you have your eyes open, especially from the sides.
Miss. Von Vamp : I have a small mobile lid so mine has the same effect but I find when I use Collection 2000 it doesn't transfer and keeping your eye closed for an extra few seconds until it dries helps too.

@starfishandsparkles asks: I have really thin hair, what hair styles or products would you recommend for this? 

Miss Von Vamp: I pincurl and backcomb a lot to add volume. I actually find that the fineness makes it easier to manage and style! There are so many different styles I do [I've included a few images for you]
wet set with small rollers

Boufant / Beehive with front curl

Backcombed quiff [all hair up and combed back]

Victory rolls with curled fringe

Rachel: I have thin hair too, I back comb with every style! I also find that with roller sets, using smaller rollers helps as it adds more volume when brushing out to make my hair look thicker. However when using my curling tongs like I do most days, I backcomb each layer at the roots and then smooth over with a brush, this makes my hair look thicker too!
Fifi: A good dry shampoo, like the Bastiste range, really adds volume to thin hair. The type of volume that is perfect as a base for victory rolls! 

We will be answering 3 questions a week so if yours isn't shown this week (and it hasn't already been answered on Instagram) just hold out for next week's installment.

Love always,

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