Friday, 19 December 2014

The 12 Days Of Christmas - Top 8 Lipsticks For The Perfect Pinup Pout

All of us Belles here are self-confessed lipstick addicts, so today Miss Alice Donnelly, Fifi Von Fosse, Olive Martini and Miss Amy May put our pin-curled heads together and compiled our Top 8 - and believe us, it wasn't an easy choice.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Colour - Red Passion (£8.99 from Boots)


One of the most long lasting lip colours on the market! First apply the colour, let it dry for about 5 minutes and gloss over with the balm. This wondrous little product can survive all day with only a couple of touch-ups. As always, there are some cons. It can be a little sticky, but simply waiting an extra while longer before applying the balm can make a big difference. 

Lime Crime Velvetines - Red Velvet ( Various Prices - £29.89 on 

You should believe the hype with this one. Yes, as an American product it is pricey, but it's the mattest matte you will ever see and also smells incredible! You can barely notice you're wearing it due to it being so lightweight. The decadent packaging is also a plus.

MAC Russian Red (£15.50) 

 One of MAC's best-selling lipsticks - and for good reason! Smooth and creamy to apply and a deep, striking red for a moderate price. Truly a pinup's best friend. 

Make Up Revolution's The 'WOW' Stick - 8 Shades (£2.99
Wow is right! This lippie costs only £3 and comes in 8 matte colours, amazing when you realise how incredible this product is. Long lasting, waterproof and non-drying, this lipstick goes on and stays put, outlasting even the Lime Crime Velvetines even through eating. Available to buy on the Make Up Revolution website, this product is a definite must try. 

Revlon Really Red ( £7.49 from Boots)
Good enough to be called a bare essential, the Revlon Red screams old Hollywood glamour with it's velvet matte texture and luxurious packaging. And for under £8, you're getting the quality and look of other more expensive brands for less than half the price. A real winner, the only downside being that is does have to be reapplied throughout the day. 

Pretty Zombie Liquid Lipstick - Zombettie (£13.50 from

In a very deep shade of vermilion, the Zombettie is a more affordable (and local) alternative to Lime Crime, and almost just as matte. Sadly, it is not as pigmented as other lipsticks and can be a little watery - but still worth a go if you are willing to build up the coverage.

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm - Striking (£7.99 from Boots) 

This matte balm is really perfect choice for an effortless, daytime look. With buildable colour and an easy to apply 'chubby stick' style tube, this is a must-have for your make-up bag. It's not as dark as some shades featured on this list, as it has some very subtle orangey tones that make it a great choice for summertime.

Bourjois Rouge Editon Velvet Lipstick (£8.99 from Boots) 

Available in 8 shades, this product can vary a bit between pigmentation of the shades which requires a build up of application for a couple of the shades, but it is more than worth it. This is a true velvet-feel product, long-lasting, super comfortable and last impressively throughout the day, requiring only minor touch ups post eating.

There were plenty more lipsticks we wanted to cram on this list, but as we had nails to paint, hair to curl and hearts to break, we felt that this selection was the finest of the bunch! Have you discovered your perfect lipstick? Let us know!

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