Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Ask the British Belles - #2

Hello beauties!

A few days ago, we asked our followers on Instagram to ask us questions for our weekly feature, Ask the British Belles (#asktheBBs!)

@victoriana22_ asks: Are there any pinup style online clothing shops for petite girls?
Alice: Vivien of Holloway go down to a 24" waist, and even have 22" in store (limited to 2 styles of circle skirt). Also, Collectif size 6 fits me snug. 
Olive: Heels are your best friend. Even comfy mid heels you can find in Primark can give you a good vintage look! Also for clothes, being able to alter clothes or knowing a good haberdasher helps a lot. 
Miss VV: I use 'Stitches' in Birmingham if I'm too lazy to do it myself! Costs usually under £20. Ooh, and belts are your best friend! 
Fifi: I am no where near petite but I know BB favourite (and UK brand!) Lindy Bop do a fantastic petite range.

@m.loisel asks: Can you please plan something fabulous for us UK ladies who aren't going to Viva Las Vegas this year! The jealousy is too much haha!
Fifi: What a fabulous idea! We have all had a little natter about it and are pleased to say that we are going to arrange The British Belles Present: The Pinup Picnic for fabulous vintage vixens who aren't going to VLV! More details to come in due time...
Miss VV: Yay! How exciting! 

@frizzylois asks: Do you have any tips for styling curly/frizzy hair in 40s/50s styles?
Amber: I'd say do a head set with heated rollers to smooth out and get shape, then prolong it by doing pincurls with a good setting lotion like Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion and brushing out with a Denman brush. Finding a good oil or serum is essential of keeping frizz at bay.

We will be answering 3 questions a week so if yours isn't shown this week (and it hasn't already been answered on Instagram) just hold out for next week's installment.

Love always,

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