Monday, 5 January 2015

Primark, The Unlikely Perfumery!

Hello lovelies, Miss Amy May here to tell you about the surprising way you can smell good and save your cash at the same time!

We all know Primark is good for a lot of basics. Currently they're selling some cute plain coloured boat neck tops for £3, which is downright useful to pair with your circle skirts or capri pants. They also do seamed fashion tights with adorable little bows on the seam, and a selection of heels that will look great with your pinup finest. You probably also know that they sell makeup now, and have been doing so for a while. But have you seen their perfumes? Did you assume they would just smell like musk and alcohol and cheap disappointment? Well I'm here to tell you that wonderfully, surprisingly, they're kind of...lush.

Available for £6 for 50ml bottles or £2 for 10ml roll-ons that are handy to keep in your bag for a little freshening up on the go, Primark offer their eau de toilettes in a range of scents, regularly bringing out new ones. For girls who can't afford to spend out on expensive high end perfumes or who like to have a large selection of scents to choose from but can't justify the splurge that would require, these Primark scents are great.

Personally I've always been very precious about perfume, not wanting to wear it daily because doing so will get through a bottle of £75 Dior J'Adore incredibly quickly. As a result, I used to forgot to wear perfumes even when I did go out because I wasn't in the habit of putting them on. I decided buying a few cheap, freshly scented eau de toilettes I can apply every day without wincing at the cost of each spritz was a great way to get into the habit, and at just that time Primark happily launched their offerings. As such I now have 7 of their scents, which still brings the tally of those purchases to less than your average 75ml bottle of branded eau de toilette. And, no, certainly I'm not claiming these scents smell like Chanel No.5, but if you sample the selection they offer I'm sure you'll find something you like.

The range covers musks and unisex scents that give off that heavier, sexier smell, to fresh scents including popular top notes of ylang ylang, jasmine or peach, to sweet scents that are upbeat without being cloying. It's fun to be able to match your scent to your mood each day without watching your money leak from the bottle with every spray, and some of the bottles are actually pretty darn cute. I'd definitely recommend you take a whiff next time you're in store to see what you think.

Did you know about these Primark perfumes already? Which are your favourites?

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