Monday, 20 April 2015

Happy As A Lamb - Springtime Wardrobe Changes!

The change of seasons is always a lovely thing to behold in nature, the turn of greens into oranges, auburns and golds, the crisp blankets of snow, the creeping lengthening days setting in just as the flowers begin to blanket our lawns, politely taking their turn to each stand out; daffofils, then pansies, then bluebells...

And as our seasons change so do our wardrobes. Some of the Belles claim autumn as their favourite style month, with fluffy jumpers and pencil skirts and seamed stockings a perfect and flattering combination, but for me, Miss Amy May, it's spring. Oh spring. The joy you give me is as boundless as your floral bounty.

Putting aside the spring features that I most love, the baby lambs and the hopeful sunshine and that crisp, special springtime smell on the air of everything coming back to flourishing life, there's something else I love about spring, and that is what it means for my closet. It means style joy! It means options. It means, gasp, less layers. So below is a list of some of my favourite things that spring means for my style.

You can certainly rock wedges in winter if you so wish, but there's something about wedges featuring cork, rope, raffia and wood that just make me so happy and fit so perfectly in the spring/summer season. In winter I often default to wearing flats because running errands in 5.5 inch red peeptoe heels is just too much, no matter how cute they look with my outfit. But a pair of raffia wedges with a comfortable 4 inch heel? They won't make my feet hurt and I won't get so many obvious looks that state 'Is she really wearing those in Tesco?'

Wooden Bangles
Bangle bracelets are another thing that you can wear whenever you want, of course, because it depends on the outfit you're pairing them with, but wooden and bamboo bracelets scream spring and summer to me. As soon as the sun comes out, no matter how mildly it shines, I will begin piling wooden bangles upon my wrist to finish off an outfit I otherwise would have left wrist-ungarnished in winter because nothing else seemed to compare to my wooden bangles as the finishing touch.

'Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.' The Devil Wears Prada was right, this is such a no-brainer that it would be embarrassing for anyone to act like this is a fresh style statement to be making. It's nothing new, in fact it's overdone really, but we pinup ladies are lucky than when a repro brand does floral they do floral. We get flower prints in colours and bold styles that the normies (that's non-pinups to you and I) are rarely treated to. There are floral print pieces in my wardrobe that just don't feel right to wear in winter--a dress printed entirely in lilacs, a white and blue dress with a border of pink roses. And fruit! I own fruit pieces that never look as good as they do when the sun is out, and spring means I get to wear all these pretty pieces as they should be worn, as well as enjoying the happiness of being able to do so with...

No Cardigan
Let's face it, a British springtime isn't the warmist season there is. Hell, neither is a British summer, but as such we tend to be a hopeful, optimistic lot who will lose the extra layers as soon as possible just to feel the sweet relief of a watery sunbeam and a persistent breeze upon our pale, pale skin. Having a cardigan layered can often add versatility to an outfit , as cuts and colours can be changed out, but there are some outfits where adding layers just spoils it. Who wants to cover up an amazing shoulder detail or detract from a unique neckline by adding a cardigan? No one. It's not fun for anybody. And springtime means finally, whether you're lucky that day with the temperature or just determined to be unphased by a breeze, you can leave your little armies and shouldies out for all the world to see.

Yo' Amy, where's your cardi?
Winter behooves more subdued, rich colours, and spring/summer is when the party happens. Yellows, pinks, purples, oranges, red and even white look so much better when basking in the sunlight than they do trapped beneath a sleet-covered coat. Suddenly turquoise is fun and appropriate rather than loud and obnoxious. Spring means breaking out your colours, whether pastel or bright, and it is ebullient.

Bright lipsticks
Autumn and winter make for an excellent opportunity to wear darker lip colours, moody reds and rich berries and muddy browns. Spring, though, is time to bring in the fun! Suddenly a hot pink lip, a touch of orange, a flaring siren red, look especially good and especially pretty. Don't be scared, grab the brightest colour you own and paint that pout!

Yo' Head Don't Get Cold No' Mo'
An up-do in winter means cold ears and a chilly neck. Come springtime it's no problem, and come summer your hair off your neck is a relief! Plus, you get to go crazy layering in the fruit and floral hair pieces in a way that looks in keeping with the season and the rest of the look you're sporting, and not merely that you're stubborn to let go of your favourite flower crown.

Don'tchu fret, Soph's ears are just toasty

Happy Legs!
Spring is that wonderful temperature middle ground wherein if you want to go bare-legged you will not freeze but if you want to sport your seamed best you will not overheat. In winter seamed stockings/tights will often still leave you feeling the chill, as that is the price we pay for being skirted and fabulous when other people are wearing thermals beneath their trousers, but our darling spring offers us a temperature reprieve that I for one much appreciate.

Before we know it, summer will be here, but in the meantime I'm going to enjoy this style and temperature sweet spot while I'm in it. Do you have similar loves about Spring? Or is another season the master of your heart? Drop a note in the comments.

If you need me, you'll find me frolicking amongst the flowers,

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