Thursday, 30 April 2015

Dig It Babe, You Need A New Look!

If you’ve seen the 1990 John Waters’ film “Cry Baby”, then you have undoubtedly succumbed to the charm of bad girl Wanda Woodward. Wanda is the daughter of clueless, well-to-do family in a 1950s neighbourhood – and the most stylish member of the “Cry Baby” gang of juvenile delinquents.

Usually donned in a leather jacket over a tight wiggle dress or skirt, kitten heels and a good helping of red lipstick, she won my heart in an instant and I became determined to re-create her look!  


At 85 minutes in total, there are only a few outfit changes in the film - but all of them are complete gold. This outfit above is definitely my favourite and the one I personally chose to recreate. The problem I've had is that there is a severe lack of good pictures of Wanda! 

I wore a plain black bardot top I purchased on sale for £6.00 from Boohoo, (they're also available in good range of colours - these tops are definitely an essential as they're versatile, and honestly look good with anything, be it a pencil or circle skirt, jeans or some Capri pants.) 

The pencil skirt was one I nabbed on sale from Vivien Of Holloway, and is the best pencil skirt I've ever had. I chose the W26/H38 and it fit's like a dream. Usually, to get the tight fitted look, I have to size down and risk splitting the skirt when I sit down (it's happened before and I had to reassemble my outfit with the office stapler, but maybe you're supposed to keep details like to yourself). Anyway, because VoH offer more tailored sizes, you can get that perfectly tailored fit. 

Now, I know what's missing from this outfit. A super-sassy scarlet neck-scarf. (Try saying that 10 times over). I don't actually have one in my collection at the moment, but I know where to find one once I finally get paid. Bow and Crossbones sell a huge range of amazing chiffon scarves, and more importantly - red ones for just £2.50! 

Instead, for accessories I went for my Luxulite brooch and earrings, my favourite items in my jewellery box. The lovely owner Katy, has a huge range of 40s and 50s inspired brooches and earrings which completely transform an outfit and give it the perfect kitsch touch.

Wanda also rocks her Bettie Bangs. Now, if you're anything like me, you lust over these dramatic fringes but are too afraid to end up looking ridiculous. There's an easier, disaster-free (and less permanent) way to get them... a clip in version! There's plenty of these available all over the Internet, but having never tried any, I can't vouch for them. But if they make you look anything like Wanda, then they must be worth a go. You can find them here. Have you ever tried clip in Bettie Bangs, or did you go so far as to take the chop?! 

Finally, all you need is a slick of winged eye-liner, some red lipstick and plenty of sass and you're ready to break hearts.

Until next time, 
Olive x 

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  1. I know I'm late to the ball with this comment but I have many a time had clothing disasters at work, if it's not buttons popping off my tops or dresses (Collectif Vivienne dress I'm looking at you!) it's my skirt seams splitting or in one case a bad zip on a dress coming undone! Staplers are a god send!


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