Thursday, 18 June 2015

Get it Quick Ladies!

If you didn't know by now you sure will by the end of this post, I am an avid fan of Agent Provocateur lingerie. Having worked for the brand [which I utterly adored] once you've been bitten by 'Forever Knickers' you never go back!

If you are an AP girl at heart you should all know the mid season SALE has just gone live and my oh my there are so many lines from last season that have finally hit the sale I can not wait to get my little paws on. Roll on Pay Day!!

I thought I would share my top picks and also say if you can wait it out, wait it out. We all know AP are notrious for lowering there prices through a sale from 50% sometimes all the way to 75% you just have to hold strong ladies! It'll be worth being able to throw an extra thong on top of your order as a treat for all the savings.

 If you can hold out! 75% will happen ..... eventually!!

 DiDi is a beautiful black tulle with delicate handbeaded glass bugel beads - it is utterly exquisite but I would reccomend getting yourself to a boutique to try it on s the fit is quite strange. I found when I tried it the shape just didn't suit or flatter at all.
The brief and suspender on the other hand are fantastic and would compliment any black mesh bra already in your knicker draw.

This particular bra ranges from a 32B - 36C

DiDi Bra - £55
DiDi Suspender - £55
DiDi brief - £50
DiDi Thong - £45
DiDi Kimono - £200
 Megan, this wasn't my favorite set when it came out but I must say on it is pretty spectacular and rather girly but with a lovely heavy bold black edge. The set is made up of a pink tulle with red lace accents and a heavy black bold line that creates the most amazing shapes.

Megan ranges from a 32A - 36DD

Megan Bra - £55
Megan Suspender - £45
Megan Brief - £40
Megan Ouvert - £40
Megan Thong - £35

Liza is one of my all time favorites from this collection and I MUST own it. It has come out this season in turquoise so I am a bit torn between colours but as this ones on sale and we all love Midnight blue I think this colourway may win me over. The set is a stretchy blue almost power satin, very stretchy, a lot of give - the suspender belt is rather unforgiving so size up or make sure to try it on in a boutique first.
The shape of the cup is very similar to the classics range Damelza [that's what I opted to buy over this at the time, a timeless piece that is beautifully structured but be careful as it's very delicate it is prone to tearing and ripping]

Liza ranges from a 32B - 36DD

Liza Bra - £50
Liza Suspender - £50
Liza Brief - £45
Liza Thong - £40

Cassia, when I got a sneak peek at the previews for this collection Cassia was my ultimate set. The dream set, the set to beat out all other sets and I am happy to say I do own some of it - the sale may see me buying the rest!
The bra is a comfortable fit though I did go up a size, the brief is a tanga brief so is pretty true to fit but a very small knicker indeed and when I tried the belt on it was true to size.
The slip on the other hand is an odd one, I adore it and MUST have it but I think a size up and worn with the bra is more flattering. Wthout the bra the top can give a flattening effect which isn't what I'm looking for.

Cassia ranges from a 32B - 34DD

Cassia Bra - £80
Cassia Suspender - £80
Cassia Brief - £65
Cassia Thong - £50
Cassia Slip - £295

Of course there are many other ranges up to including some of Spring/Summer 2014 ranges that must have some stock left, so if you missed out on Petunia or Bobbi in the sale the first time round get on there now and snap them up while you can! When they're gone ladies they're gone!!

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