Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Spex Kitten

Not too long ago I reached out to the Pin Up's of Instagram to ask where on earth do you all get prescription lenses put in your vintage frames!

Well I had loads of responses, thank you all so much but one fabulous company really stood out and offered to help that company is Dundee's one and only Spex Pistols! Great name right? and even better customer service I truly can't fault them.

Last week  a package arrived at work and I was super excited, every inch of detail was incredible. As soon as I was handed the little brown cardboard box I knew where it was from. The fil gold stickers either end embossed with the Spex Pistols logo and brand name. The beautifully printed cardboard lid had a great font for the address and a little stamp of the Spex Pistols logo on the left hand corner.
Carefully opening it inside were three little separately wrapped pair of glasses.

Of course I couldn't wait to try them all on with my prescription finally in each pair.

Each pair of glasses had a Spex Pistols cardboard sleeve covering a plastic seal lock case that had another foil seal this time in silver. The glasses were then mounted on a brown cardboard plaque which all together looked ace.

Every single pair were perfection and they couldn't have been more friendly and amazing to deal with the whole way through.

I was even told my favourite vintage pair were actually dating back to 1955 and came from a factory in Brooklyn, from what they could tell were in never worn condition. Not bad for a pair of glasses I picked up at a flea market in a bargain bin six years ago hey!?

My favorite pair in action last weekend worn with the new Collective mint green Caterina swing dress you can find HERE

The other two pairs sadly as I found out were cheaper imitations of vintage glasses but like the genuine vintage pair I hadn't paid too much for them.

I would hands down recommend these guys to anyone who wanted to buy vintage frames or just have their prescription fitted into their own vintage specs. The customer service is second to none, the detail and care that goes in to each persons order is remarkable!
It's not just the added touches of the foil embossed stamps, the stamped box or the little cardboard bits and bobs its the quality that goes in to each and every order.
I couldn't believe how amazing my glasses looked, they fixed the screws, they buffed them I couldn't be more over joyed! I finally have glasses I enjoy wearing and not some cheap 'they'll do' ones from Specsavers because at the time I desperately needed a pair.

Spex Pistols are incredible and if you haven't already get over to the site, pick a new (well old) pair of glasses or get sending yours! I highly recommend it!

Make sure to visit them HERE! and let us know what you think?

Outfit breakdown

Mint Green Dress Collectif
Emerald Cardigan by Dancing Days (sister brand of Banned Apparel)
Bloody Mary Jumper by Miss Fortune

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