Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Travel Essential..

Before I went away to Edinburgh and knowing about a couple of upcoming mini trips I had lined up with my beau I decided to finally invest in a travel wallet.

From working at Aspire Style years ago I know they had some wonderful ones all designed and made by the brand 'Disaster Designs'. They're always fun, functional and beautiful, what more could you want in a travel wallet?

The one that caught my eye was the cactus print wallet, the design was fun and the design had everything I needed. There was a slot for my passport and enough room for my beau's too. A little coin purse for that extra change which for us actually came in useful to pop our keys in for the apartment we rented. The little cactus zipper is just a wonderful touch.
On the opposite side you have room for everything else, fight passes, hotel reservation print outs, all the bookings I'd made ahead of time - what more could you ask for.

Being an avid picture taker too and these days with my mini instax (which was a lovely git of my beau last year for my birthday) I found ample space inside there to keep them safe in the what I assume are 'card' slots and the picture window where I kept the first snap of the holiday.

Get yours at Aspire Style HERE

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