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Oh Bettie!

Now if you follow my private Instagram @misspeachykeen_jellybean you'll know I adore vintage lingerie and more specifically I am an avid collector of the 1950's Over wire bra.

I've been collecting over wire bra's for probably four or five years now and have a lovely little collection I am very proud of, it's my little treasure and some of my most prized possessions.

Genuine over wire bra's are difficult to get your mitts on, they pop up online every now and again but trying to work out if they're going to fit is very hit or miss. This of course has resulted in me having to sell quite a few bras on that haven't fit, I've bought bras often to take a chance on the size because the pay off is way worth it when they do.

A few years back now Dita Von Teese release her version of an over wire bra and of course I snapped it up, I own the red, black the peach and the red and black in the longline version too (most from promo codes and being an ASOS customer they supply you often with discount codes)
As much as I adore this lingerie 'Her Sexcellence' it isn't as close to the originals as I would like but it was the only modern option at the time.

Fast forward to last year when I couldn't believe my eyes or click 'regram' quick enough when I saw Bettie Page Lingerie (a new sister brand of Playful Promises) had created the dream modern take on the gorgeous vintage style over wire bra I loved dearly. The colours were incredible, fire engine red, a jewel teal and of course classic black. I though ' I must own them all'

Well ladies and gents look no further because I'm about to review this incredible bra that has enraptured that true vintage 1950's essence.....

Original 1950's over wire Whirlpool Bra

This is one of my many original over wire bra's. This particular one is by Whirlpool a well known lingerie brand who produced hundreds of these style bras throughout the 50's.
As you can see an over wire gives such a unique shape, this particular item I though was the closest to the Bettie Page Lingerie reproduction piece. The sheer window at the top of the cup gives a cheeky, seductive feel especially against the satin bottom panelling. every inch of this bra is decadent and stand out.
I adore the little central satin bow and the gap between the cups with the over wire structure is stunning to look at. It truly is a work of art.

Carry out to the inside

Inside on the left is a tiny little label to show the design, in this image you can also see the pull in the elastic. This bra is in amazing condition when you consider it's age and yes it is a bra I wear daily, I find the shape perfect for me and it holds up well, my favourite option for a strapless bra.

You'll also notice inside the padded sating sections in the centre and on each side of the over wire. This is simply for comfort, the padded sections mean the ends of the over wire don't dig in and don't make it uncomfortable to wear or irritate the skin.

You can see even better now the detail of the whirlpool stitching on each of the cups. Utter perfection!

The Bettie Page Lingerie Over Wire Bra

Here it is the most amazing modern, reproduction of a 1950's over wire style bra. Bettie Page Lingerie have certainly done it! I simply can not praise them enough.

Take a close look and compare it to my original model above, The cup shape is perfect, the over wire goes from the absolute centre right round to the side - unlike Dita's version which wasn't low enough in the centre.
The bow detail harks back to the original as well as that sumptuous circle whirlpool style stitching on the cups.
Like the 1950's black bra, my favourite feature is that half sheer seductive cup with the satin bottom it's all just to die for!

You'll notice was major difference with this bra and it's the little elastic attachment in the centre. I believe this is due to how this bra is created and so it holds up best. The original bra doesn't fold in half the over wire inside is joined in the centre which makes it stiff and unable to move.
The Bettie Page Lingerie over wire does fold in half. the over wire is two separate pieces for each cup. This makes it easier to store I must say but also I assume means it needed that extra little elastic piece for the foundation to stay up and be positioned in the correct place on your body.

We must, must mention the colour just look at this stand out colour. That teal is dreamy and so luxurious I'm so impressed with this piece.

Let's look inside....

As you can see it is incredibly close inside to the original. A tiny little label displaying the brand name to the left, an elastic back which is in the same gorgeous teal as the satin on the cups. You'll also notice the satin padding in the centre just like the original 50's bra for extra comfort.
As well as my favourite little touch the circle / whirlpool stitching on each of those cups.

Above is a side by side of both original and reproduction lingerie just to show you those gorgeous sheer panel tops to the over wire cups. It's crazy just how well Bettie Page Lingerie has captured the design, I'm blown away by the accuracy.

This design is so close to those original 1950's designs I simply can't get over it and now I need the black an when it launches that red one too!!

Keep an eye out in the next issue of InRetrospect magazine because I hopefully have some very special images of this bra being featured!!

And for all our lovely readers and followers get over to the Bettie Page Lingerie site now and use code BELLES10 which expires on the 31st August.. shimmy shimmy over there NOW!

If you'd like to get your little mitt on one of these click HERE

Hair and MUA - Myself
Location - Gingermegs Vintage


  1. I just got mine but can use a little advice. I've never worn any type of vintage or repro bra before so I don't know how to properly fit them. The overwire on my cups won't lay flat so the boobs are getting no support and the gaping overwire shows thru do I get the wire to lay flat

    1. I hope you don't mind me commenting on your question. I had the exact same problem. I sister sized into their 34F (I'm a 32G), and after sending pictures to a stockist I was told I'm much too projected for this bra. It was such a sad day because it really is such a lovely bra.

    2. Thank you for sharing that. Someone would make a fortune if they started a line of repro bras for us projected gals.

    3. I would love love love a brand to come out of nowhere and start making more over wires and adapted fits for all sizes and shapes! - lets cross our fingers they do! The move variety out there the more bra's for us all to snap up :) x

  2. Hello hun, the top of the cups will never lay flat as they have the over wire in. Mine have always worked great as an alternative to a strapless because I don't really like any basic strapless bra's out there however you must remember strapless bra's will never give support (usually why they aren't suitable for bigger busted ladies) I find they support me fine I'm a 34D I wear my Over wires daily to work, out all the time x

    1. I didn't quite explain right. In your picture (and everyone elses on ig), the overwire appears to sit flush against your chest. Mine sticks out, alot, like it's afraid of my chest and trying to get away. It is extremely noticeable under clothing. If I hold the wires closer to my chest, it feels supportive and I love the pointy shape it gives. I'm not used to vintage or retro bras so I'm praying it's either a fit issue or I just got a factory defect.
      Modern strapless bras can actually be very supportive. I am an F cup and own 5 amazingly strapless bras, great support and lift, and only slightly more jiggle than my regular bras. I wear them almost daily, and while it's great with my modern clothes (which I wear about half the time), I have really been wanting more retro lingerie to go with my retro clothes.
      I guess it's time to write the company, send pictures, and find out whether it's a fit issue or defect.
      Thank you for taking time to answer me, I appreciated it, I have been having a mini meltdown this morning.
      and you look fabulous in your Bettie Page set.

    2. Thank you honey! and sorry I didn't receive a notification of this reply! - Could it be that the back strap (back size) is too large for you? Maybe you could take it in. My friend has this issue with the vintage over wires so she usually hand sews and only recently got a machine so stitches with the machine to take the back band in. I would definitely email Bettie Page Lingerie with pics and see what they think their customer service is amazing! - If there is anything I can help with let me know!


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