Friday, 5 May 2017

From little acorns, mighty oaks grow...


Now some of you may have noticed recently I've been posting a lot about a company called 'Lucky Little Acorns'. What can I say, I came across this adorable little brand on Instagram and have been enthralled ever since.

I've spent ages going through the site making imaginary lists of what I wanted to buy, but after a few weeks of saving I settled on the new Tote bag and a personalised Claddagh ring

The tote bag is made of a heavy durable material, perfect for every day use to and from work. I love the size of it! It's a fantastic large tote and only cost £15 (what a steal I know!) it also comes in a tan / neutral colour with a black print.

The little Claddagh ring is even more beautiful in person than I can capture in an image.  The engraving is precious and makes the perfect touch and it comes in a tiny little velvet pouch. This would make the most perfect gift for a friend or girlfriend, or even a fantastic little engagement ring if your looking for something incredibly personal and special.

This ring comes in at only £16 - such an utter bargain grab one while you can!

Since my purchases I've been deciding what to get next, so below is what I'm looking to purchase in the future:

LLC PART II Night Tee - £18

Engraved Lucky Penny Keyring-  £8

I want to get two of these - one for my friends upcoming wedding to forever have a memento she can carry around with her wedding date on.
The other for my close friend who had a beautiful little boy a month ago, so it can have his name, birth date and time on as a little memento of one of the best days of her life.

Of course I'll have to pick up a Lucky Little Acorns gift box too, at £2 a box they add that extra special touch!

Make sure to go over to Lucky Little Acorns website, there is something for everyone with a personalised touch!

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