Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Pretty in Pink

Well where to start with this beautiful, ultra feminine 50's number from Campbell Crafts!
 Firstly of course it's our signature colour PINK! so we loved it instantly. Secondly it has the ultimate 1950's vibe, which you'd hope for being called the 'Diner' dress.

I had a few sizing issues with this particular number due to a weight change so I wasn't my usual size but I think this one fits pretty well.

The dress has the perfect length skirt, just about over mid calf which is a length I adore anything higher just doesn't feel right and lower makes me look about 1 ft tall, for a short lady this matters immensely.
The amount of material in the skirt blew me away, a proper full circle. there's something about lots of marvelous material it makes it feel so fun, so feminine and you just want to head off to a local hall and do some jive and swing dance to show off that incredible full skirt in action. I had to settle for twirling around in my garden for now.

I decided to pair my diner dress with some Rocket Original white leather shoes (thanks dad for white polishing the scuff marks off for me) and some amazing double lily hair clips I managed to grab for the bargain price of £3 each from ASDA! if you haven't got these already I'd make a stop at your local ASDA and pick some up ASAP! they are sure to be a summer hair staple for me this year and many to come.


Beautiful cut and style - love the collar detail

Full skirt - lots of material to play with

Sleeve length - I maybe would have made it a little shorter but the detailing on it is perfect

Rounded collar - diner perfection just like Campbell Crafts diner shirts which I'm also now hooked on and may need every colour way.

Pattern and Colour - there's no denying pink was always going to be a firm favorite and I am crazy for gingham's right now.


I seem to be super unlucky with belt, the belt for this dress is exactly the same as the one for the rock n Romance gingham dress. Sadly they just don't suit me at all but I have seen this dress on other ladies and the belt looks marvelous on them. Alas for me it just isn't meant to be.

Oh please please include some hidden down either side seam pockets, I'd love some pockets added!

You can buy yours HERE!

Pin Up Picnic Perfect again! if your still looking for a picnic outfit look no further! This little dress is perfect for sipping a cocktail and eating a sausage roll while posing with a parasol on the grass in Hyde Park

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