Thursday, 13 April 2017

Derby Doll...

Where to begin, well as a close friend of mine says 'The beginning is a very good place to start' so here we go.

Soon I'll be moving cities to move in to my first house with my partner, so I thought probably best to find a hobby, make some new friends and learn a new skill.

While browsing Facebook I came across a poster for a local roller derby team who had recruitment for newcomers coming up.

A few things you need to know:

A) I've never skated before
B) Co ordination has never been my strong point
C) I hate when I can't get something right

So Monday I decided to turn up and view a 'skrim' between the current team players.
I must say I have never met such a friendly group of people, they were all so welcoming and so lovely.
I was utterly terrified and worried I was going to feel out of place but that isn't how it felt at all.
The skrim was incredible to watch - they were all so super talented and made the whole thing look seamlessly easy.

Following Monday I thought I'd go for it. Last night was the newcomers night, I was worried I'd be the only one who turned up and even more scared of the fact of falling over a million times.
A handful of new people did arrive, four ladies and three guys, all of different skill levels. Most had played before or at least skated. It seemed from the skating point of view I was going to be the only one who had never skated before.

The team ( a few members I hadn't met Monday) we're again friendly, inviting and helpful. Going through technicalities and legal stuff before we headed to the hall to start.

I'm very lucky that my boyfriend actually surprised me with a pair of skates a few weeks ago so I didn't have to borrow a pair, of course ever the un prepared I didn't have any safety gear, luckily the team have a cage full of spare bits and bobs.

And then in began I felt terribly nervous and anxious as I had no idea how to skate or even if I could and straight away it became quite apparent all the newcomers had skated before. I felt a little deflated after doing one awfully slow, shuffle type lap which others were shooting round. I fell over straight away, right on my ass. typical.

I didn't give up, I carried on round even if it was a ridiculous shuffle.

We had three men coaching us and while the others we're learning how to drop to their knees and fall safely I was super lucky to have one of the lovely coaches stick with me. He followed me round and tried to make me feel better and fill me with more confidence about skating.
Bit by bit I did improve over the hour and a half but still no where near everyone else.

I found it so frustrating, more frustrated with myself and not getting the hang of it. Frustrated that I was taking one of the coaches away from helping everyone else. I really dislike failing. I imagine most people do.

I'm going to stick it out, I think I'm far too hard on myself and need to build up my confidence because I felt so deflated after the session.

I am not going to give up! I am determined to do better and improve .. so what if it takes me months to even learn to skate I'll just take it one lesson at a time. I guess I'm more the tortoises pace than the hare and I'm okay with that.

My main plan is to get some outdoor wheels and start practicing at home, the derby team or even beginning to play derby may be a long, long way off in the future but I'm determined to get skating, so wish me luck!

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