Friday, 7 April 2017

What satin coated dreams are made of

Is there anything better than the feeling when you find an absolute treasure, a one of a kind true vintage rare item you can't believe your eyes when you see it.

In my case, wandering through Camden Lock one sunny afternoon I carried on a little further than usual. while gazing in the windows at various 60's and 70's items I had todo a double take. In the window of a tiny 1960's style store, right there was a gorgeous swing jacket - but that wasn't what caught my eye. It was what lay beneath, for under that coat was the most perfect 1940's conical shaped bra even Madonna would be jealous of.

Of course I ran in and asked if I could try on he treasure I'd just spied. Which I was allowed to do with glee. The helpful shop owner also pulled out a huge laundry bag full to the brim with vintage lingerie. but this piece, this was the real find of a life time.

Sadly at the time I didn't have the money to snap it up there and then, but being the lovely chap he was he put it to one side and I came back a few days later to purchase one of my all time favorite lingerie pieces.

The inside workings of this stunning garment are just as impressive as the outside. Just look at that intricate detailing, the whirlpool effect circle stitching inside each cup, so perfect and militarily style formed in neat rows.

The back is a simple elastic and hook clasp in the same dreamy salmon pink colour and if you spy it too there's also a label and some marking in pencil on the inside back band.

The straps are a simple satin ribbon that aren't adjustable but it fits like a dream.  

I picked this piece up for £60 and I don't regret a single penny, I can't imagine ever finding another bra like it in such great condition. It truly has withstood the test of time.

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